1. Instead of the government FORCING us to have a Leap Year, the Earth should have to go into a “managed seasonal change” where the calendar can adjust on ITS OWN. WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION.



  2. Leap Year is the bogus invention of “scientists” and the liberal media who expect us to believe that the “Earth” takes 365.25 days to revolve around the “Sun” and so CLEARLY we NEED an extra day every four years so that the government nanny state can TAX you for an EXTRA day of work. WHAT IS THIS SLAVERY!?

    And besides, we all know the world revolves around MONEY. Not the Sun. Stupid commie libtards.


  3. "The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading quickly to many cities and states, and could possibly become a nascent third party within the Democrats. Predictably, it is being attacked from the right as “socialist.” Actually, it is capitalist, but believes in the regulation of capitalist institutions. What we live under now is a system of Corporate Socialism, a welfare state for the rich. It seems to me that your politics can be defined by whose side you are on. Tea Party members are mostly on their own side. They believe they should pay lower taxes, or none. If we can’t pay for health care, tough luck. The Occupation forces, who seem more affluent and might benefit more from lower taxes, are on the side of those being exploited by an unregulated Wall Street."

    Roger Ebert (via azspot)

    It’s remarkable how few seem to grasp this fairly basic concept.

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  5. andrewhartwell:

    This Thomas Jefferson quote is conveniently ignored by those who treat the Founding Fathers as semi-divine figures and insist on an “originalist” interpretation of the Constitution.

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  6. sorachamary:


    This guys sums up Occupy Wall Street, while being interviewed by FOX News. Bam.

    Kind of want to marry this guy.

    Well, this literally says it all.


  7. joshsternberg:

    Bill Keller distills President Obama’s ‘issues’ to these four main points. 

    So to sum up: The guy before him sucked, the people opposing him suck, the people who supported him suck, and of course, he sucks.

    He might be onto something here…

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  8. letterstomycountry:

    from The Daily What:

    How About That of the Day: When President Obama and Sgt. Dakota Meyer sat down for a pint outside the Oval Office they weren’t quaffing commoner swill — they were imbibing White House Honey Ale from the Executive Mansion’s homemade stock.

    No wonder he didn’t have Bud Light. He was like “Mother Fucker check out this deliciousness.”

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  9. motherjones:

    Your GOP tea party debate-meets-Monday Night Football tweet of the night, via @adamweinstein.

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  10. inothernews:

    In the face of certain defeat during the 2012 presidential elections, the Republican National Committee has asked President Barack Obama to postpone serving his second term until 2016.

    “Quite frankly, we think losing the 2012 election will cause a major headache for Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann…

    Shockingly not far from the truth. And glad to help buddy :)