1. sportsnetny:

    “We have to win a game,” Derek Jeter said of Tuesday night’s Game 4. “We’ve won a game before. That’s the mindset we have to have.”

    That’s obviously true for a team that finished with an AL-best 97 wins this season, but with the enigmatic A.J. Burnett slated to start Tuesday night, there’s no way to know whether Good A.J. or Bad A.J. will show up.

    “We have a lot of confidence in A.J.,” Brett Gardner said. “He’s proven in some big games, in the World Series in ‘09, that he wants the ball. I’m looking forward to watching him pitch.”

    Burnett will square off against Rick Porcello hoping to extend the series - and the Yankees’ season - to Game 5 Thursday night back in the Bronx.

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    The Boston Herald revisits and corrects a front page from earlier in the season



  4. sportsnetny:

    Here is the official NY/NJ Super Bowl host committee logo

    Granted its just the host committee logo, as the NFL has foolishly done away with individual Super Bowl logos, but I think it does a nice job incorporating the GWB, and of course, snow.

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    Ground ball, fly ball, strike out (looking). That’s how Mariano Rivera became the all-time saves leader this afternoon as the Yanks beat the Twins.



  6. paulkatcher:

    I can’t believe Michael Kay said, during last night’s Yankees-Orioles broadcast on YES, that the Yankees’ offer to fans to exchange last night’s tickets for freebies in 2012 was a “grand gesture.”

    It’s utterly insulting to tell paying fans they’re getting some sort of kind-hearted gift when the option was to sit in the rain till 2:15 a.m. for a game that started four hours late and was played in miserable conditions throughout. Kay is usually much more aware of the common fan.

    I was startled awake last night at 2:30 am by my phone alerting me the Yankees score had gone final. I actually mumbled “You gotta be fucking kidding me…”

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  7. brandongreene:


    Melky Cabrera sneaks in a high five with umpire Joe West.

    (Joe West was calling time on the field).

    I miss the Melk man…

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  8. winstonwolfe:

    If these two can’t win at love, who can?

    Jeter is a wild mustang. He cannot be saddled. He must be allowed to roam free…


  9. joshsternberg:

    The New York football Giants and the New York Jets agreed to terms with MetLife on naming rights for the new Meadowlands stadium. For the next quarter century, when you visit Secaucus, NJ to watch Big Blue or Gang Green, you will be seated in MetLife Stadium.

    Stadium names are tricky; when you…

    I can’t help but feel that JetBlue missed a huge opportunity here, but I guess I can live with MetLife Stadium. At least it is a company that is a New York City fixture. So what’s the cool nickname we give it? Newark’s got The Rock, Philly’s got The Linc, is this The Met? Or will people think you’re going to the opera?

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