1. sportspage:

    Two Giants apparently fake injuries to stop the Rams no huddle offense.  Fair or foul? I vote foul.

    I’m not gonna lie, I hate this type of shit. Its bush league and embarrassing and not something that the New York Football Giants should be stooping to.

    That being said, it worked, so I’m pretty O.K. with it.

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  2. Pretty much everything you ever needed to know about a guy in 140 characters.

    I COULDN’T care less about Chris Johnson.

    Unless I draft him tonight of course…

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  3. joshsternberg:

    The New York football Giants and the New York Jets agreed to terms with MetLife on naming rights for the new Meadowlands stadium. For the next quarter century, when you visit Secaucus, NJ to watch Big Blue or Gang Green, you will be seated in MetLife Stadium.

    Stadium names are tricky; when you…

    I can’t help but feel that JetBlue missed a huge opportunity here, but I guess I can live with MetLife Stadium. At least it is a company that is a New York City fixture. So what’s the cool nickname we give it? Newark’s got The Rock, Philly’s got The Linc, is this The Met? Or will people think you’re going to the opera?

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  4. inastorythatseemsosad:

    clearly disappointed about how his back ups are doing, colts fans are too. 

    First official Manningface of 2011

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  5. thetickr:

    No word on whether or not Ochocino has found the perfect roommate(s) yet? But just on creativity alone the guys over at livewithus85.com should get the nod.

    This is beautiful.

  6. passthemike:


    Larry Johnson Cartoons

    I reached out to Ocho to try to solve both of our housing issues.  Haven’t heard back yet.

    Dude. This would be perfect. Please let this happen.

  7. thetickr:

    Brady Quinn’s fake weekly blog, Just Quinn, Brady: The Blog of Denver’s Best (Looking) Quarterback just launched over at Grantland, and it’s pretty hilarious.

    Here’s a little sample:

    I am Brady Quinn (AKA B-Quiddy AKA The Bairy Queen AKA Battlestar Qualaxica) and I am extremely amped. This blog is pretty new for me, as I’m not exactly what you would call “tech savvy.” I mean, I just found out about Facebook 12 minutes ago. Accidentally. While looking for videos of people getting hit in the face with phonebooks.

    Read it, if you like laughing that is.