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    Something most people don’t know about Shea Stadium

    In 1975, the New York Mets, Yankees, Jets and Giants all called Shea Stadium home. Yankee Stadium was being renovated while Giants Stadium was still under construction. This marked the first and only time in professional sports history that two baseball teams and two football teams shared the same facility in the same year.

    Photo courtesy of: Adventures of a GoodMan: Photography, Storytelling and World Travel by Greg Goodman

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    Ya gotta Believe’
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    Another thing most people don’t know about Shea Stadium: It was built my grandfather and his construction company.
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  21. davetown said: The only Yankee game I ever saw in person was at Shea Stadium. 36 years later, the main thing that sticks in my memory is watching Ron Blomberg take batting practice. He was absolutely crushing balls out of that park. Impressive.
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