1. sportsnetny:

    Duke students taunt NC State player over deceased grandmother -Yardbarker


    Not cool, Cameron Crazies. 

    As if you needed ANOTHER reason to hate Duke.

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    Are you serious??? I really hate people sometimes…
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    Glad I never went there.
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    Fuck Duke
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    Seriously Fuck duke
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    I don’t know anything about Duke, but in my experience this reflects the behavior of most college-age sports fans...
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    And Duke fans were bitching about how the Canes fans treated them…. wow!
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    Duke fans are assholes
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    I stand by my Fark roots. Duke sucks.
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    I thought nothing could make me hate Duke more. I was wrong. That shit deserves a technical foul.
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    Fuck Duke. Forever and always.
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