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    In honor of Joe’s 70th birthday on November 20th, here’s some of his best, and funniest moments. Happy Birthday, Mr. Vice President!
    1. Joe Biden on Jill Biden: “I will not leave the house- I swear to god, until she kisses me and gives me a hug”
    2. Joe Biden fist bumps Kal Penn while wearing aviators
    3. Joe Biden’s 2012 DNC Speech
    4. Joe Biden guest stars on Parks and Recreation
    5. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid make fun of Joe Biden because women love him- “People were propositioning him” “Where were we where all those women started saying, Joe you’re hot?”
    6. Joe Biden on Carmen Sandiego
    7. Joe Biden does a magic trick
    8. Joe Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner engage in man hug, Boehner brags about golf
    9. Joe Biden’s Top Ten on David Letterman
    10. Joe Biden cries after his son Beau nominates him at the DNC
    11. Joe Biden gets choked up talking about his past at the 2008 vice presidential debate
    12. “With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey”
    13. Joe Biden talks about his stuttering problem on The View
    14. Joe Biden to Obama: “This is a big fucking deal”
    15. Joe Biden gives 17-year-old girl a ride to his rally
    16. Joe Biden endorses same-sex marriage
    17. “I promise you, the President has a big stick”
    18. Dr. Jill Biden makes accidental joke about Joe Biden’s penis, Joe laughs
    19. “America’s Happy Warrior” walks onto stage, fist pumps
    20. Joe Biden makes a really awkward sex joke about his parents
    21. I Want Joe Biden, Need Joe Biden
    22. Joe Biden’s “It Gets Better” 
    23. Obama and Biden go on a burger run
    24. Joe Biden sworn in as 47th Vice President
    25. Joe Biden’s 2008 DNC speech
    26. Dr. Jill Biden’s 2012 DNC Speech


    (via laughterkey)

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