2. And it was well deserved dammit.

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    Fun fact: John Cleese was actually supposed to say some really long and complicated name, but he forgot it and just said, “Tim” and everyone just rolled with it.

    Possibly my favorite line in the whole fucking movie, which is saying something.

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    Kids Who Shouldn’t Play Sports [via]

    Previously: Animals Being Jerks

    Literally crying

    In the coffee shop

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    Imagine stabbing someone with this knife. 

    It would instantly cauterize the would, so the person wouldn’t bleed, so it’s not very useful.

    if you want information it is

    and above, in order, we see a gryffindor, a ravenclaw, and a slytherin

    The Hufflepuff is just excited about toast

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  6. By virtue of being on this battlefield, there is no return. People will die. Some will disfigured. In some cases, lasting friendships will be made. An as usual, no touching of the hair and face.

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    So very true

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    Alright, this “Darren Aronofsky directing NOAH” thing is starting to make more sense.


  10. Haymitch’s face.

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