1. Finally found the sonuvabitch who stole my license plate. #Jersey #B2R

  2. A wise man once said “Today was a good day.” #Handsome #Jersey #Murrica

  3. #Tusk is the 6th straight @thatkevinsmith NYC opening for @peterknox and I. #TGITusk #WalrusYES #Superfans

  4. entertainmentweekly:

    Watch! Ernie Hudson took us on a tour of iconic Ghostbusters spots in NYC and it was siiiiiick. 

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  6. emilgh:

    NIST FOIA: Release #25

    42A0120 - G25D31, Video #1 (WTC1 Collapse, 10:28am)

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  7. popculturebrain:

    For 12 minutes last night, ‘The Tonight Show’ became ‘Family Feud’

    Fallon, Higgins and Jason Segel took on The Roots.

    How much fun is this friggin show?

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  8. My name is Greg and I like to party… #ILTP

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    Or just: “Do I Really Want a Beer? Yes. Yes I do.”

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