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    New Photo: Batfleck | Variety


  2. Re: 50 Shades of Grey (and other things that I think are awful)

    Lately, I’ve tried to make much more of an effort to avoid bashing entertainment that I’m not interested in, dislike, or outright loathe.

    It’s not that I’ve suddenly gained some sort of new appreciation for The Big Bang Theory. It’s just that I came to realize that putting people down for digging movies or music that I don’t like doesn’t make me a more refined or better person, it just kind of made me sound like an asshole.

    See, there are people out there that really love Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Maybe its an escape for them. Maybe they think its funny. Maybe they worship that family. Point is, it doesn’t matter.

    This world is terminally fucked. It gets worse everyday. So who the fuck am I to make another person feel bad about something that, for whatever reason, brings them joy?

    This is not about critiquing something. If I had genuine ideas on how Nickelback could improve their songwriting that would be one thing. No, I’m talking about actively disliking something to such a degree that you want to shame and belittle the people who do enjoy it. It’s just mean spirited and pointless and accomplishes nothing more than making people feel bad about themselves. And people certainly don’t need help with that nowadays.

    So for everyone pumped about 50 Shades of Grey movie, that’s awesome. Enjoy it. I won’t be seeing it, but again, who the fuck cares about me?

    Just don’t give me shit when the stupid Batfleck movie comes out and it’s all I talk about for a year. That’s all I ask.

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    get to know meme | [4/5] favorite movies

    Clerks II ➾ “You never go ass to mouth!”

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    Here is the link to the City Lab article and the link to the actual website, Turn On Detroit’s Water.

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    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Prison


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    You are not born with hate and this here proves that

    Too sweet

    Yeah sure, that… OR maybe Tyler is just the fucking MAN.

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    this was so important to me when i was young and i didn’t even know it

    Wait… a… moment…


    Baloo is the mother fuckin’ man.

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    I utter this phrase to myself at least once a day.

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  10. My best bud though…